Spring/ Summer 2022

No grand themes or muses this time. Just a slow collection of my idle musings made into pretty things, touched by hints of the ‘60s. These pieces were dreamt up, put on paper and re-imagined again, over and over, throughout the course of these past two years.

A period of great uncertainty for all of us, for a very long time, time stood still for us; so, it gave us time to think.

We used this time to grow, become more sustainable, ethical and empower local artists. We are still small, still growing and our impact may yet be a drop in the ocean of this industry, but we are starting where we are and doing what we can to do better by this beautiful blue marble we call home.

All of our SS22 prints were hand painted by local Edmonton artist Megan Simonson & printed on 100% recycled polyester georgette. Printed by sublimation – the most eco-friendly printing method existing today, this process uses safe dyes and creates zero waste. Sublimation also allows us to print our fabrics in small batches and best of all, uses no water!

We’ve spent two years bringing you this collection, obsessing over every shade, drape, and detail. They may still not be perfect, but it’s good to be back. And we hope you like them.

Much Love,

- Sasmitha 


Louise Dress in Midnight's Garden print




Phoebe Dress in Summer's Journal print




Abigail Blouse in Waltz of the Anemones print






Isla Blouse 





Augusta Blouse




Augusta Blouse + Calanthe Skirt in Midnight's Garden print



Augusta BlouseSophie Skirt in Summer's Journal print


Estee Blouse in Summer's Journal print


Paloma Dress