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Our Brand

Our philosophy

Fireflies for Lanterns means to have humble beginnings. It embodies the spirit of starting where you can, with what you have. It is the spirit of ambition, a moment of inspiration. That is, using fireflies to light your path forward when you don’t have a lantern, a philosophy which was integral to the creation of the brand itself. The firefly’s light is captured and portrayed as two golden speckles in the logo’s lettering.

The poster girl for Fireflies for Lanterns would be wearing a beautiful white gown, climbing a tree barefoot, elegant and wild. Her spirit is unconquerable and unmatched. She is unapologetic in pursuing her passions. She is effortlessly timeless. She is unforgettable. 


About Sasmitha

Recognized by The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) as a must watch Canadian brand, each of our collections are designed by our brand’s founder, and Calgary based Designer, Sasmitha Dellawa, who debuted in London Fashion Week with her A/W 16 collection at the age of 19.

She returned to LFW with her SS17 collection in the consecutive season, before turning her sights back home to Calgary to launch Fireflies for Lanterns in April of 2018.

She has showcased her collections at Top Model Worldwide, UK’s leading model search competition which also supports the work of leading children's charity CHILDREN with CANCER UK through fundraising and promoting awareness.

More locally, she's showcased our collections at PARKSHOW 2018 & PARKSHOW 2019 in Calgary.

Her collections have since been published in magazines such as Avenue Magazine, Glam UK, Fab UK as well as publications like Calgary Economic Development’s Life in Calgary, The Sun UK, and reviewed and worn by various bloggers across Europe & North America.


The Firefly Promise 

Local, Ethical, Sustainable.

We are still small, still growing and our impact may yet be a drop in the ocean of this industry, but we are starting where we are and doing what we can to do right by our planet.

We always strive to use recycled and deadstock fabrics, always use local artists for our prints (starting with out SS22 collection!), and only use the most eco-friendly printing method existing today - sublimation, which uses safe dyes, creates zero waste and uses no water!

Designed with love in Calgary, we ethically produce all of our pieces in Sri Lanka where the designer was born, by workers who take pride in their craft, to bring you well made pieces which will stay and be loved in your closet, season after season. 


Who makes my clothes?

At Fireflies for Lanterns, we are all about fashion with a conscience. We’ve partnered with an experienced garment production team in Sri Lanka who specialize in sustainable fabrics, small batch production, and ethical manufacturing. Set apart by the pride they take in their craftsmanship and how well they value their employees – over time, they’ve become a part of our little, Firefly Team.

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