SS18 Campaign Lookbook

Raison d'être


Inspired by the charming ochre hued Provençal villages, the rolling fields of lavender and the vibrant open air markets of the sunny South of France, our first collection imagines a stroll through the narrow cobble paved avenues of the village of Mougins or a bike ride along the orchards and vineyards of Provence. Keeping alive the timeless sophistication and old world charm of the colourful French countryside, the collection is an ode to the emblematic style of the French woman.

The collection’s name, Raison d'être, meaning ‘a reason for existing,’ in French, speaks to the woman who exists with style at the centre of her being.

Tailored in simple silhouettes that are airy and light, with a touch of elegance, each garment is designed to encapsulate the romantic and free-spirited nature associated with the region. From dramatic sleeves that fall away effortlessly, to pleated capes and empire waists, the pieces draw inspiration from a time and civilization gone by, celebrating the art and culture of the Roman empire while being reimagined in the image of the modern woman.

The lush botanicals are reminiscent of the brilliantly colourful outdoor flower and fabric markets of Aix-en-Provence, while the pastel shades of powder blue and white are evocative of the beautifully clear skies over the French Riviera. The other varying shades of pastels capture the subtlety of the region’s quaint way of life, coming together to create a collection offering timeless beauty and enduring style.

Through our campaign we attempted to capture a gradient of beauty, portraying the the collection through models diverse from each other, without confirming to one beauty ideal.