Fall/ Winter 22 Prints

In House Development Process
All of our FW22 prints were once again hand painted by local Edmonton artist Megan Simonson (@contagiouspixie). Another collaborative project, months in the making between Megan and Sasmitha; the prints were first designed and sketched with graphite and coloured pencils before being swatch tested for accuracy of shade and seasonal relevance. The final prints were hand painted in gouache on watercolour paper before being digitized for element manipulation...or in other words, arranging the print into the familiar patterns you see today.
In keeping with our mantra of being local, ethical and sustainable, the final prints were printed on 100% recycled polyester georgette by sublimation. The most eco-friendly printing method existing today, this process uses safe dyes and creates zero waste. Sublimation also allows us to prints our fabrics in small batches and best of all, uses no water!  
Browse through our photo gallery below to explore the design process from pencil sketches on Megan's sketch book to the digitally re-arranged print adorning our FW22 collection today, along with the inspiration behind each piece. 
Print 1 - Fireflies in the Fall  

 A sequel to our Summer's Journal print, this print remembers the bygone season by the sprigs of fading primrose and forsythia taped to a pollen stained journal page. This print imagines the pages embellished with drawings of glowing fireflies and smoky moths outside our windows, weaving through dried foliage under the fall twilight. 


Print 2 - Forest Under the Winter Solstice

Inspired by European folklore tapestries, at its inception stood sprawled in our imaginations three woodland creatures; a fox, an owl and a doe. The squirrel found a home too much later. Around these creatures we weaved a lattice of wildflowers and constellations, dreaming up a forest gilded by the winter solstice's spell, gleaming under a midnight sky heavy with crescent moons, comets and star dust. 





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