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The Tattered Wing Initiative

Coming Soon November 2022
Staying true to our focus of sustainability and the circular economy, starting November 2022, we are launching “The Tattered Wing Initiative." Alluding to the wings of a firefly, we will be offering defective pieces from our collections, with full disclosure of the defects at a deeply discounted price. 

While quality and integrity of our garments are important to us, accidents happen and a small percentage of our garments each season end up with minor – usually cosmetic –  defects resulting from shipping, handling, printing, etc.


We hope this combats the perpetual aspiration for perfection ingrained into our society, offering an otherwise perfectly functional garment a new home, away from a landfill.


We pledge to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these garments to the Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter – an organization who’s work Sasmitha has followed and supported for many years – to hopefully help give new wings to the women of our community at a vulnerable time in their life.


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